I Stand with the National Park Service

I’ve recently changed the image on my homepage to show that I too, stand with the National Park Service. Much has been said about the NPS and their connections to the recent government shutdown. The hoopla surrounding the WWII Monument on the National Mall, and the many Republican attempts at demonizing the NPS for carrying out their orders, is truly sickening. Kevin Levin commented on this issue here and other park closures here. His observations and the comments on his blog leave little for me to add. I also understand why the closures need to take place. I only hope and pray that when the NPS Rangers are allowed to re-enter our parks, that they are not left with too much work left over from people who cannot abide by the law. Keep in mind, the NPS serves us by serving our parks. They maintain those parks and strive to ensure your safety upon visiting. If they are out of the picture, so too is the maintenance and the preventative measures for safety. Remember, it is not the NPS who shutdown the government, and barred so many from enjoying their parks; but rather the elected, child-like officials of this government. Perhaps one day they will learn to play nice with others.  Until then, Congressmen such as Rep. Randy Neugebauer and Sen. Rand Paul, really need to to shut up.

I stand NPS

4 thoughts on “I Stand with the National Park Service

  1. I think the NPS is important. I also think that you and your colleagues (on blogs and elsewhere) should also speak to the many other services that the federal government provides. I am a furloughed government contractor. I am a recent college graduate with student loans along with regular people bills. I am not going to be paid retroactively (due to my contractor status) or otherwise until I am allowed to go back to the Civil Rights Division. There are many many people, and not just those in the NPS, that deserve better from Congress and from our fellow citizens — who should keep this bullshit in mind next time they vote. It’s one thing if I am terrible at my job, then yeah, kick me out; don’t pay me, but I think I do my job well. This is an unfair burden put on federal public servants everywhere. I expect no thanks from my “thankless” federal job — but I also expect to be allowed to work and make a living like everyone else. Like I said at the beginning, the NPS is important, and I agree with your comments. I just feel like there is a bit of radio silence about the shut down from those folks I know who are on the Right who are not part of the ignorant faction of Tea Party asshats.

    1. I don’t think any of us doubt your points Isabel. The difference here is that the NPS has been cast negatively in this shutdown, as some sort of symbol of “tyranny”.

      1. Yes, well that word is used ad nauseam without any regard to its actual meaning. To echo you: our govt sucks right now.

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