Leftists vs Conservatives in Connie’s World

The infamous Southern Heritage defender, Connie Chastain, seeks to chide Andy Hall in her latest post. Rather than achieve her goals, she comes off as bitter, mean spirited and naive. Especially in this line and graphic:

Actually, unlike floggers, leftists, authoritarian PC-ers and the like, Southern heritage folks are mostly conservatives, and  conservatives usually believe nobody has the authority to tell others what to believe, even if the others believe in offensive things. They value freedom of speech and thought. Floggers and other authoritarians do not believe in freedom of speech and thought. They get off on telling people what they can and cannot say and even think….(my emphasis)

Anyone else see the problem here? Granted, I’ll admit that some leftists are rather authoritarian in the sense of the definition. The recent “Big Gulp” argument in New York is a prime example of that. But to say “conservatives usually believe nobody has the authority to tell others what to believe, even if the others believe in offensive things. They value freedom of speech and thought. Floggers and other authoritarians do not believe in freedom of speech and thought” is a completely asinine statement. Notice I said the statement is asinine. Calling something stupid, is not the same as calling someone stupid or telling a person that they cannot say stupid things. This is something that is often lost by those that cry wolf; but I digress. Let’s play a Connie game.


 adjective \kən-ˈsər-və-tiv\

: of or relating to a philosophy of conservatism

capitalized : of or constituting a political party professing the principles of conservatism: as (1) : of or constituting a party of the United Kingdom advocating support of established institutions (2) : progressive conservative

: tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions : traditional
Now I ask you, how is one disposed to maintaining the status quo, if they believe “nobody has authority to tell others what to believe.” Connie seems to be at odds with this philosophy. Other, more prominent conservatives, definitely have a hold on this.

The truth is, many political ideologies can seem authoritarian because of the numerous issues involved in politics. This is especially true with hard line issues when different portions of the country have a perception of right and wrong when it comes to the issue. Such is the case with Gay Marriage and Abortion. But to say conservatives represent freedom and leftists are authoritarian is like calling me the Queen of England. By the way, I’m not telling you what to think, I’m just letting you know when your statements are misleading hoping that you will not say them anymore.

31 thoughts on “Leftists vs Conservatives in Connie’s World

  1. I side with Ms. Chastain on this issue. Leftists are far, far more likely to demand orthodoxy in both thought and deed than the Conservatives. They’re the ones that want to silence people who are “offensive” and the ones that cry that those claiming to be offended are the only ones that should be allowed to have an opinion on that matter. They’re also the only ones that clamor for “hate crime” and “hate speech” laws, which make thought, i.e., motive, a crime in and of itself.

    1. As a Libertarian (before the Republicans tried to hijack it) I’d strongly disagree with that statement. In fact, I find it quite humorous that you would use the word “orthodoxy” to describe the left. Conservatives are the ones attempting to legislate morality on social issues, as well as make education one of “Christian” education.

      Orthodox – conforming to established doctrine especially in religion (Merriam – Webster)



      David Barton anyone?



      Need I go on?

  2. Rob, it’s a standard meme put forth by many on the extreme right these days. It goes along with blacks are the most racist people of all and trampling on the civil rights of Christians in this country is at an all-time high.

    1. Perhaps you might have a point there.

      {In a reply only you would get} I’m not sure if I should take that as an insult or a compliment. I still have all my hair after all. 😉

        1. Show the proof. I want to seeabsoluteproof whites are the more racist.

          This reminds me of the absolute proof you were going to post that showed the South went to war to preserve slavery. Those documents haven’t been posted yet. How about the one documneti asked you to post proving the North did not fight to preserve slavery? Found it yet. Rememberthiis is before you went to hide behind the edit buttion then posted a blog page about ME where you had some woman defend you. Now you choose to defend yourself, which Idon’t believe, lets see these documents.

          George Purvis
          Southern Hertitage Advancement Preservation and Education

          1. Thanks for another stirring example of your character George. All of your statements are addressed in others posts. 5 dollars says you cannot refrain from replying to this comment.

          2. Gee you are right . Looks like you won. How about you and Andy Hall come on down and collect your money!!!!!!!!!!

            And still you post no proof!!!!!!!!!

          3. [edit] Given your penchant for intellectual dishonesty, willful ignorance and apoplectic tirade, I have absolutely no interest in engaging you. I do want to remedy your apparent lack of reading comprehension though; I never said, “whites are the more racist.” I don’t think in that fashion. [edit] In fact, I never mentioned the word “white” at all. Guilty much?

            Enjoy your hissy fit. I won’t be responding further.

          4. Sorry Mike. Some of those things I really can’t approve, hope you won’t mind the edits. Personally I can’t say I disagree with the context though.

    1. I’m sure you think so George, but for kicks, point out where exactly I’ve displayed this or how this comment is relevant to the post. Better? Better than what?

  3. Well nearly every one of your blog pages you are attacking someone or something of the South. I would suppose that is your whole agenda in life. [Edit] For more proof we can always revisit the Sumter pages or the pages where where you could not produce any evidence that the North wasn’t fighting to preserve slavery..

    Better than Connie Chastain. [Edit]

    1. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

      Now George, you know I cannot let such comments through. I mean why in the world would you accuse others of such things, while using such nasty language?

      We can revisit those Sumter pages George. The North stated their policy as one to preserve the Union, as opposed to the South’s. But I’m not going to get into the argument here, as it does not pertain to the post. You are only commenting to indulge in your argumentative nature.

      1. Yes I know You have to hide behind the edit button like you always do when someone gets the better of you. Becasue I can and it is true. You want meto post the linksor shall you do it?? I didn’t say anything about the North or South did i I said YOU!!!!

        I am commenting to prove you are a[edit]

        1. Again George, you know I can’t approve of that type of language.

          You said:
          For more proof we can always revisit the Sumter pages or the pages where where you could not produce any evidence that the North wasn’t fighting

          So yea, you did.

          1. You can and did approve such language when it was directed at me. Go ahead hide behind tthe edit button it is what yiou do best!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL

          2. Now George, this has been explained to you so let’s try again.

            Read slowly. There was no such policy in place. I let you go on and on with your insults as well. It was only after that event that I set the new policy. Since then, you have been the only one to make such comments. Do ya get it now?

            BTW, if you have nothing relevant to say about he post, I’m not going to approve it. Satisfying your need to argue is exhausting to say the least. Let’s stay on topic shall we?

          3. NNot talking policy here. Taklking about the actionsof you and Mackey. [edit]

            Oh yeah as tothe issue at Sumter you both are wrong. I explained that to you and provided documents. I was either ignorant a spty for the North a liar or theoneofthe many insults you and [edit: Al] boy decided to throw my way.

            Go ahead hide behind the edit button. [edit]

          4. Do you see all those profane things you said disappear just now George? I started to engage your little rant, but then remembered, stay on topic or don’t comment at all.

          5. Oh I don’t care. I know you, and possibly others, read them. Truth be known you are afraid to have the teruth about you come out.


          6. [edit: George, I’ve told you repeatedly. If you have a comment about this post in particular you can post here. There are pages that already deal with Southern preservation of slavery. You will not use my site as a pedestal for your argumentative nature.]

  4. Goodbye and good riddance, sirs.

    I was going to reply to the comments against my position but I saw far too much censorship on this blog and can no longer trust the owners of it to keep any comment but supporting ones intact. As such, I see no point or purpose in continuing to interact within a venue whose owners have so little integrity.

    1. I’m sorry you think so, but before you go, please point out where you see “censorship” on this blog outside of barring insults, less your point be moot.

        1. Obviously you do. I’ve explained routinely why those comments have [edit] marked next to them, the policy is also listed on the “about” page. I do not approve insults through the ranks, if you’ll read below you’ll see me explain that policy to MikeD and George several times over. Content is always approved as long as it is civil.

          1. For the record, I know why you edited out what you did in my post; and I have no problem with it. There were a couple of barbed, snide comments that were decidedly *not* particularly civil. And my essential point was not diluted by their deletion.

            If, Jonolan, your intended comments are free of such things, I’m sure Rob will post them.

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