Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 6 (The Last Part)

Wel,l we wrapped up things at the Fed. with one last activity. It was a U.S. History activity but it focused primarily on Economic aspects. The activity, however, was engaging and I think I may incorporate that into the classroom at one point. We split into numerous “Expert Groups”. In these group, members went through a  primary source documents. Each group had their own document. Groups analyzed letters, books excerpts, photos, and other materials. After the groups spent a few minutes discussing those primary source documents, the speaker called time and the groups broke up and each person had to go to their “Reporting Group.” This group was be made up of one (1) member from each “Expert Group.” This means you are pulling all of the documents together into one group, with one student taking the lead as the “expert” of that document. The group will put together their various documents in order to answer questions about the era. After a few minutes on this aspect, the teacher called time, and then all the groups discussed their answers. I think this is something that every history teacher can use in their class to incorporate primary source materials. It will also put students in a position to discuss them with their peers in small groups.After the conclusion of the last assignment, we closed out the day and we were turned loose just in time to hit Atlanta traffic….

A day at the Federal Reserve Bank is always a pleasure, but I think this may be my last year. Although the workshop made me aware of numerous tools to incorporate into the classroom, it did little to advance my ability to teach History. Now if I were an Econ. teacher, I’d probably say the Fed. did more than its share. To be fair, I will take the Economic lessons, introduced at the workshop, back to the classroom and incorporate them into my History class. After all, what is history without the incorporation of the numerous fields that fall under history’s umbrella? Having said that, I think in the future I will attempt to find a teacher workshop geared more towards teaching U.S. History.


  1. Did anyone have the documents that was proff positive the war was all about slavery. That should have been number 1 on your agenda. Maybe you should have skipped the wraps?????

    • Perhaps you should read the entirety of the posts to see what the workshop was about, George.

      By the way, you have been given numerous examples of why the South sought to secure their independence, and rendered no response as to the Jeff Davis document mentioned yesterday. Go troll someone/where else.

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