Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 2

We are getting the ECON Lowdown, lowdown. This is a Fed. sponsored website and it costs teachers nothing. The sign-up process is comparable to other online systems. Enter name, email, school info. for records, etc. etc. My only note on signing up for the program is DO NOT use your school E-Mail. County network firewalls do not seem to like the registration confirmation E-mails from Econ Lowdown’s domain server. Several of the teachers in the room are having issues. I recommend using a personal E-Mail account such as GMail.

Once you are in the system, you can set up your classes, when they begin and end, and add students. A time-saving feature is the ability to upload class rosters. Since most school systems use digital rosters for attendance and grading, one can simply download their roster as an Excel file, manipulate that file to fit the parameters, and then upload the roster.

The lessons that can be added to any class are engaging and interactive. Though they are heavily Econ. related. U.S. History is limited to 6 lessons on the great depression. One of the nicer things about this program is the ability to preview lessons, set up polling and discussion questions, and receive immediate feedback. It sort of gives students the chance to elaborate on information without having to talk out loud (which we all know can be a problem). I think this lesson would be great for use in the computer lab, or perhaps for homework.

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