Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 1

Well, after sitting in Atlanta traffic for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally arrived. After going through security, a guide led me up stairs. This place is beyond luxurious. You can really see those tax dollars at work. The workshop itself is not in an auditorium  this year, but rather a big conference room with a U-shaped table surrounding the presentation screen. Coffee, pastries, fruit, etc. are readily available for all the teachers.

So far, the workshop leader introduced several resources to us. For starters the Fed. Reserve page for the Atlanta Bank has a plethora of education resources.

In addition to the Fed. page, the speaker introduced a couple of online assessment/lesson tools to us.

One resource is a website called Socrative. It is an online assessment tool which can be used for quizzes, games, and polling. I cannot give much more of a description than that because of limited time, but it looks great.

The second resource is a site called EconLowdown. This is a very broad online database of interactive lessons. There are lessons for both Economics and U.S. History, however the U.S. lessons are econ based (Great Depression, etc.).

As far as I know, these resources are free.

The best resource I saw this morning,  is the National Archives education page, which includes worksheets to help students get through primary source documents. (On the right hand side)

More to come.

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