Live From the Fed Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be attending the Dynamic Teaching Tools workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. I am hoping it will be a fun learning experience to better equip me to teach teenagers about history. As I mentioned before, I plan on blogging “live” as the workshop progresses throughout the day.  My goal is simply to make others aware of the tools the workshop introduces to the workshop attendees. If you know and/or are a teacher, pass the word a long and link them to my blog. See you in the A.M.!


  1. Geez I hope you learn something too!!!!!!!!! How about starting with the causes of the ear. maybe you can find one docunment that states the war was about slavery!!!!!!

    • Now George,

      Do you mean such documents as Davis’s response to the Emancipation Proclamation in which he argues that since the passage of the EP justified the actions of the South, because of the threat towards slavery.

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