“There is nothing bad about…preferring to associate with white people” A Review


There has been a lot of back and forth over Connie Chastain’s arguments for “cultural superiority” and “white preference.” Connie contends these are not racist revelations, whereas other bloggers such as Corey Meyer and Brooks Simpson disagree. Personally every time I see an anti-multiculturalism argument, I automatically think of this little ditty.

http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/256710/not-my-waterpark (Click here for video)

4 thoughts on ““There is nothing bad about…preferring to associate with white people” A Review

  1. yes you would think of something silly as that. Hate goese in many directions, all one has to do is read commnets by you and Al Mackey on you Sumter pages, to see a good example of hate and bigorty

    George Purvis
    Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education.

    1. Now George, you know as well as anyone that “hate” and defending oneself after being insulted are two different things. I’m sure you’ll figure that out someday.

  2. Now Rob, you know as well as anyone that “hate” and a preference of association are two different things.

    Do you believe that, regarding association, preference for the dissimilar is superior to a preference for the similar?

    Do you believe that a preference for one thing means that you hate everything else?

    Are there some people that you prefer to associate with rather than others? Would you prefer to associate with Joey rather than me? Is the criteria you use to prefer Joey to me the only legitimate criteria for determining when preferring one above another is acceptable?

    So anti-multicultural arguments bring to your mind a profane, obscene, vulgar, artistically inferior, poorly animated cartoon series? How scholarly and intellectual! It doesn’t enhance your argument, though.

    You disagree that there is nothing bad about…preferring to associate with white people? Meaning that you believe there IS something bad about white people preferring to associate with white people. Tell me what. What’s bad about it?

    1. Oh Connie, I’m not answering your questions. It’s my blog. Quite frankly, you ask enough questions on your blog which I, from time to time, answer. So I think it is your turn. I am much more interested in your answers. I’d like to know, why do YOU prefer to associate with white people? Is it the Euro-exceptionalist view of Christian culture that you have? Or is it something else?

      Critics disagree with you about South Park. It has won Emmy Awards and is nominated for another currently. I know you’ll have a retort for that but….well…I don’t care about that either. Profane, obscene, vulgar, are all matters of subjective perspective of right and wrong. Artistically inferior and poorly animated? It’s meant to look the way it looks, that is part of the artistry.

      Via Wikipedia:

      In 2004, Channel 4 voted South Park the third-greatest cartoon of all time.[144] In 2007, Time magazine included the show on its list of the “100 Best TV Shows of All Time”, proclaiming it as “America’s best source of rapid-fire satire for [the past] decade”.[145] The same year, Rolling Stone declared it to be the funniest show on television since its debut 10 years prior.[146] In 2008, South Park was named the 12th-greatest TV show of the past 25 years by Entertainment Weekly,[147] while AOL declared it as having the “most astute” characters of any show in history when naming it the 16th-best television comedy series of all time.[148] In 2011, South Park was voted number one in the 25 Greatest Animated TV Series poll by Entertainment Weekly.[149] The character of Cartman ranked 10th on TV Guide’s 2002 list of the “Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters”,[150] 198th on VH1’s “200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons”,[151] 19th on Bravo’s “100 Greatest TV Characters” television special in 2004,[152] and second on MSNBC’s 2005 list of TV’s scariest characters behind Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.[153] In 2006, Comedy Central received a Peabody Award for South Park’s “stringent social commentary” and “undeniably fearless lampooning of all that is self-important and hypocritical in American life”.[24][38][154] In 2013, the Writers Guild of America ranked South Park at number 63 among the “101 Best-Written Shows Ever.”[155]

      South Park won the CableACE Award for Best Animated Series in 1997, the last year the awards were given out.[156] In 1998, South Park was nominated for the Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Primetime or Late Night Television Program. It was also nominated for the 1998 GLAAD Award for Outstanding TV – Individual Episode for “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride”.[29]

      South Park has been nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program nine times (1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010.) The show has won the award for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) three times, for the 2005 episode “Best Friends Forever”,[154] the 2006 episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”,[157] and the 2009 episode “Margaritaville”. The Imaginationland trilogy of episodes won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour Or More) in 2008.

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