Some Comments Are Just Sad

Update: Some comments are sadder, see below as George continues his rant.


Some times you get comments like this….


  1. I have no idea what you are talking about!!!!

    At any rate if you want to discuss the war in a civuil matter you know where to find me.

  2. George, I think the civility, or excuse me, cvuility tone is out the window. You seem to have set a different tone with your beginning sentence there.

    • Oh I agree Isabel, thanks for commenting. George thrives on confrontation and attention. Take for instance the comment he just submitted in response to you. In one sentence he states, to you, that he has “no idea what the comment says, [he] would guess it is a [sic] cherry picked from one of [my] blogs.” Later in the same comment he addresses me by saying, “Baker you must have stayed up all night finding that comment????” So I guess he does know what it says after all.

      I’ll save this comment from him rather than simply delete it, in case others want to see it.

  3. George, may I give you a suggestion? You should at least read your comments once before you post them. They can be a bit confusing. From what I did understand, though it isn’t posted due to Rob’s useful standards, is that you both know and don’t know what the comment says. I doubt Rob cherry-picked your comments. My guess is they are all similar in nature and vitriol.

    Most of the people that I have come to read about through this credible blog and other not so credible Southern (Not)Heritage blogs is a lot of emotional reactions to facts and history. It’s hard for me to debate, as I am sure it is for Rob, when people 1) take comments, criticism, and personal when they are not 2) fail to have a clear understanding of their own history. Here’s a little more unsolicited advice: “”Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” – Robert Frost.

    Recently, I participated in an exercise of self-identification, so I can understand people like you a little bit. It’s hard to objectively look at your life and reconcile mixed priorities and mixed emotions and mixed messages from the past. I think what you study and what you write about is from a completely different perspective and for a completely different goal than Rob. You do not seem interested in getting to the bottom of “things,” you seem interested in protecting what you see as your tradition. Many people disagree with what “your” tradition is, and it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. It’s been my experience that tradition rarely reflects history accurately.

    I imagine that if you spoke with a level of civility in this and other blogs and did not personally attack the commenters or authors – you’d get a long way in understanding their perspective. You also kind of have to be open to discourse and disagreement and accept that you’re not changing their minds any more than they are changing yours – but you can certainly listen and learn without accusatory and completely made up truthiness.

  4. [Editors Note: I am actually approving this comment, it adds to the post]

    Will do anytthing wonm’t you Rob? Stooping to new lows is nothing for you. LOL LOL LOL Admit it I am a better and smarter person than you LOL LOL LOL

  5. George, really, please spell check. Also, strings of “LOL” aren’t audible over the internet, therefore 1 is usually enough for those reading to understand the sentiment. I also wonder if you could expand on your metric of intelligence and better-ness with regards to allowing or disallowing a post on a blog. I am not sure exactly how deciding that your comment is likely, and among other things, immature and void of content worthy of advancing a conversation — I’m not sure how that assumes that Rob is a horrible person or somehow dumber than you. From the brief and shallow illustrations of intelligence that could perhaps be objectively measured here, such as spelling, it looks like Rob is winning that round. As I explained in my last comment, if you have something to add in defense of your argument about being better or smarter that is both not insulting and coherent — I’m sure Rob will happily post it.

    • Isabel,
      Notice Baker is editing my posts??? aend i wliii use speel cheak if I want to. my choice, it does nit reflect my knwoledge of historrical fact.

      Really this is the second insulting post you have put up. Is that the best you can do? You know nothing about me, regardless of what class you have taken. Bet you really have no historial fact to offer to any disussion that is why we are just now hearing from you Just proves my point I am a better person than he, you too for that matter. Either read Rob’ trashy blogs or go bathe yourself in your self importance

      It is easy to determine how Rob is not the better person I am been to his blogs and seen the tactics he uses against people with Confederate heritage. It is easy to prove I am smarter, I have the more reliable facts, from more first sources, and I let the facts speak for themselves. I run a website that has more visitors and readers than Rob’s blogs will ever have I do not insult people because they are Northen leaning nor do I let anyone, with whom I share a heritage insult Yankees because I do not agree with them. I am all about facts.

      Now speaking of intelligence, I notice your intelligence pool is turning yellow, you may want to check that out.

      George Purvis
      Southern Heritage Advancement Preservationand Educcation


  6. Hi George! You sure know how to make new friends, don’t you? By the way, I do not wish to email you. I doubt we’d get along – what with your preconceived assessment of my character and all; if I have complaints about Rob or Yankees, like I told him today – I’ll address them directly, like an adult, a concept that may or may not be lost for you. I don’t aspire to engage with people I find insipid. Now, I’ll attempt to address each of your judgments one abstruse idea at a time. I find this particular exercise droll.
    1) Not to worry, George, I hold no consternation about your rejection of traditional grammar. It’s a bit elitist to blindly accept it if you ask me.
    2) I do not believe that Rob is editing your posts. He is simply adding to them. As I am sure you know, the definitions of “add” and “edit” are a bit discordant.
    3) It’s unclear to me which ignominies you have endured as a result of my comments. However, if you wish to point them out to me that would be most helpful. Expecting civility while writing fatuous diatribes seems silly, but I’ll keep playing along.
    4) I do not recall alluding to my education, but I have a bachelor’s degree and a graduate certificate, for now. I enjoy the subject of history, and I consumed as many upper-level history courses as my course-load would allow during my undergraduate studies. Learning history informed my other courses, and practicing research techniques has proved helpful in my current career. My personality is also such that I like to know about my surroundings and my personal history, hence, my humble knowledge of Civil War history and Southern culture; I grew up in Georgia.
    5) If this was a discussion of history, then I would gladly advocate for my opinions and reference relevant facts. However, it was my understanding that this blog post specifically discussed the senseless comment that you previously posted. If at some point the conversation mutated to historical analysis and commentary, then I must have missed it.
    6) You personally are only hearing from me just now because the world is currently inhabited by over 7 billion people and the odds are just against us; a fact that demonstrates nothing, especially not any inherent good about you or me or Rob. Again, it’s very unclear why you continue to use this as an “end-all-be-all” argument. Your intrinsic goodness establishes nothing about your knowledge of the subject you revere.
    7) Generally speaking, those of us who troll the internet for petty fights, arguments, confrontations, and vague intellectual pursuits have an unfortunate air of self-importance. Doesn’t really bother me, and you seem to lack introspectiveness to be cognizant of yours.
    8) I’ll agree that Rob can be confrontational, and I suspect he’d agree with that assertion. However, if you have an open and public forum –as you do on your own website — where you are inviting debate, then someone comes into the debate with sharp criticisms and relevant information, then you don’t exactly get to call that a tactic – it’s more like an acceptance of that invitation. Your rejection of his and other’s criticism by name-calling and shallow character assassinations – those are tactics: transparent and trifling ones at that. You, and many like you, write ridiculous things laced with bigotry, sexism, and privilege all over the internet, and often times those invested in the preservation of history – like Rob and others – make it a point to try and challenge your obsolete perspective; all the while knowing that your viewpoint is slowly dying out (::Praise Allah::).
    9) I am glad to know that you believe in primary sources. I also do not trust you to actually have any. Your way of communicating only leads someone to the conclusion that you may not really know what you’re talking about regardless of the subject. By the way, facts generally do not speak for themselves. They are informed by our perspectives and should be analyzed in context. You do not seem to be as concerned with preserving history as advancing dated propaganda that only illustrates insecurity and fear.
    10) My guess is that I tend to lean forward, and not so much in a cardinal direction like North. I think I would have a serious problems walking while constantly leaning North.
    11) I do not have a pool. If you are seeing a different color than what you generally expect to see, you should probably consult a physician.
    I await the next set of disjointed ramblings with bated breath.

    • [Comment Not Approved – Editor’s Note: George, you must first demonstrate civility before commenting on my blog]

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