Designing An Appalachian Film Class Update

As previously noted, this semester I am creating a class that analyzes Appalachia’s role in film. This has been quite an interesting process which has brought me much joy. I finished compiling the sixteen week schedule with each week focusing on a theme and historical context. Each week’s film will also have corresponding readings from J.W. Williamson’s Hillbillyland  as well as selected film analysis readings. Though the class is still not perfect, I think it is coming together nicely. Below is the schedule, let me know what you think, if you would add/remove anything, and what, if any, information you have about that particular film and its relation to Appalachia and the United States.



Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2 – The Hillbilly –  The Moonshiner, A Mountain Wife, Musical Mountaineers, Li’l Abner and Snuffy Smith

Week 3 –  The Mama’s Boys – Tol’able David

Week 4 – Race Heroes – Daniel Boone

Week 5 – Tol’able York – Sergeant York

Week 6 – The Hillbilly as Fool – Ma and Pa Kettle

Week 7 – King of the Wild Frontier – Davy Crockett

Week 8 – The Fountainhead – Thunder Road

Week 9 – Hillbilly Clown – The Andy Griffith Show

Week 10 – The Mountains as Monstrous – Deliverance

Week 11 : BREAK

Week 12 – Hillbilly Gals – Coal Miner’s Daughter

Week 13 – Coal to Space – October Sky

Week 14 – The Good Old Boys – Songcatcher

Week 15 – Refighting Old Feuds – Hatfields & McCoys

Week 16 – Returning to the Mountains – Lawless


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