Say Goodbye to your RSS Feeders

Well…if you have Google that is. Google is closing the door on its once popular RSS feed. This is probably due to the rise of social media and the vast amounts of information and/or stories that can be shared, tabbed, and posted several times over. For example, this blog has a Facebook page that updates every time I write a post. I know of numerous other blogs that do the same thing. Regardless, Google is a great reader and I hate to lose it. It allows me to keep up with so many wonderful blogs. Thankfully, Google is allowing the export of feeds into different RSS readers. Here are a couple of recommendations. 

Needless to say, many are going to be unhappy about the change. Web users are already posting petitions asking Google not to go through with it.  It also appears that Hitler is extremely pissed off…

WARNING: Video Contains Graphic Text


  1. I use a couple of the recommended replacements already; but none is as capable in as many useful ways as Google Reader. I follow your blog, for instance, using a couple of different apps; but they get the feed from Reader. That’s been its beauty; being not just an aggregator but an API as well.

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