Bill O’Reilly’s Take on Appalachia

UPDATE: Food for thought. I wonder if certain sections of Europe have a view of the mountain inhabitants of the Carpathians that mirror many American views of Appalachia.  Anyone care to comment?


Surely some of you have some thoughts on this.


  1. Bill O’Reilly is nothing but a bigot and a bully. This just reaffirms that. In my opinion, nothing he says is valid because all he does is try to get a reaction out of people.

  2. Umm. I would be interested to know what kind of volunteer work Bill did in Berea. It had something in it for him I’m sure. He knows absolutely nothing about our state and could care less. Our children have as many opportunites as his and much more pride. Get a life Bill and show some concern for your own state. We don’t need your opine or “pinheads”. advice.

    • Thanks for commenting Patricia.

      Bill’s analysis on most topics is absurd as in this case. He makes overreaching and insulting generalizations. He harasses the people and culture while implying they Appalachians are beyond help because they don’t want to help themselves. Never once does he consider that the ill effects of modern industrial America helped to submit that entire population to a internal colonial rule. Why do Appalachians resist help from people from the outside? Because they’ve had all of the help they can stand.

  3. I am amazed, disgusted and appalled, although I shouldn’t be; amazed, that is. I typically find O’Reilly appalling and this is typical of O’Reilly and his ilk. Blame and declare “hopeless” those whom the larger society and culture have damaged and abandoned or have no perceived use for. I’m surprised that the elitist didn’t take the opportunity to tout his fake “blue-collar” credentials as proof that “anyone” can rise from any background to whatever pinnacle he deems appropriate these days.

    Watching this made me queasy. Literally.

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