Appalachia in Film Class: Creating A Movie List

hillbillylandI am currently working on compiling a Filmography for the class I am creating for my Appalachian Studies Professor. For future reference, I am going to start referring to this class as Appalachia in Film. This likely will be the name of the class I choose but I digress. J.W. Williamson already composed a wonderful list of movies, television shows, cartoons, etc. that he used to write his book, HillbillylandHis list, which can be found here, is extremely thorough. It’s only downfall is that it ends in 1995. Using this list as a foundation, I plan to build on Williamson’s work to include modern depictions of Appalachia in film for modern 21st century depictions; and also to add cultural relevance for modern students in the class. Below is the list so far. I will continue to update the list as it grows. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in the comment box. 

Appalachian Film List: 1995 to present

  • (1995)Pharaoh’s Army: A Very Private Civil War – East Kentucky, Civil War cavalry captain moves in to take enemy livestock.
  • (1997) Fire Down Below – Hills of Kentucky, Industrialists poisoning the lands, Steven Seagal comes to save the day.
  • (1999) October Sky – Rocket Boys, set in the coal mining town of West Virginia
  • (2000) 28 Days – set at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.
  • (2001) Songcatcher  – An “outsider” ventures into Appalachia to record folk tunes
  • (2002) The Mothman Prophecies – set in West Virginia, psychological thriller..
  • (2003) Cold Mountain  – Set in Western N.C. Home life during the Civil War
  • (2003) Wrong Turn – Horror film set in West Virginia
  • (2003) Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus – musical road trip documentary through Southern Appalachia
  • (2006) Country Boys – documentary on Youth in Appalachia
  • (2008) Hillbilly: The Real Story – History Channel Documentary on Appalachia
  • (2009) APPALACHIA: A History of Mountains and People – Documentary , environmental history
  • (2009) Get Low – Tennessee hermit plans his own funeral party.
  • (2010-present) Justified – Set in Lexington, KY and the hills of Eastern Kentucky
  • (2011 – present) Moonshiners – Drama-documentary on Moonshiners in Appalachia
  • (2011) The Last Mountain – documentary, the fight for “the last great mountain” in Appalachia against the mining giant that wants to explode it.
  • (2012) Hatfields & McCoys – History Channel Drama on the Hatfield-McCoy feud
  • (2012) Lawless – Franklin County Virginia. Moonshiners during prohibition

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