Headed to Boone!!!

appalachian-studies-associationWell it’s official. After much nail biting and direction from our Appalachian History professor Dr. Barry Whittemore, three University of North Georgia students will present at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference this Spring. Jeremy Conner, Jonathan Winskie, and myself will present a panel discussion on communities in Appalachia and what role external forces played in those communities up to and through the Civil War. Previous ASA conference attendees commented that due to the limited time in each presentation, questions and commentary often did not take place. Jeremy, Our Appalachian history professor suggested that our fourth panel member (panels usually consist of four, fifteen minute blocks) be someone who can offer commentary and direction for our research. Dr. Whittemore suggested and contacted Dr. Jonathan Sarris who agreed to take on the job. This is an extreme honor for us to have Sarris, who wrote A Separate Civil War: Communities in Conflict in the Mountain South (Charlottesville, VA: 2006), the only authoritative text dealing with Jeremy’s, Jonathan’s and my research.

Jonathan Winskie, Dr. Whittemore, me. Not Pictured: Jeremy Conner.
Jonathan Winskie, Dr. Whittemore, me. Not Pictured: Jeremy Conner.

I’d like to send a shout out to my fellow presenters, congratulating them on their hard work. I also want to thank Dr. Whittemore for his guidance and support in this process. I cannot wait until march.


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