Wow, Time Flies When You’re Covered in Work

It’s been well over a month since my last post. With teaching, learning, research, and coaching on my plate these days, it is easy to forget about internet blogging. So I want to spend some time catching you up.

For starters I am currently taking two independent studies from North Georgia College and State University (soon to be the University of North Georgia). One is in Military History and the other is in Appalachian studies. As in any collegiate level class, buying books added substance to my ever growing library.

1-2-52F-25-Paxton BoysThis is a heavy reading course. A couple of the books needed for the course I already owned so they were not included in the list above. The goal of this class is to give me a fundamental understanding of military history and theory. The research conducted for this class will amount to the first chapter of my thesis project. The intent of the thesis is to examine the frontier settlers of Appalachia’s “way of war.” I can then situate them into the context of military history. This will allow me to later argue how that frontier “way of war” merges with a “Western Way of War” to create a hybrid fighting model. More on that will come later.

On top of my independent study of Military History, I am also in an Independent Study for my Appalachian studies professor. The goal of this independent study is to create a class that he can teach (and hopefully I can teach as well) dealing with the portrayal of Appalachia in film. I will write more on this subject later but as of now I am creating a course syllabus, designing a course description and objectives, and gathering resources (film and literature). As the design of the course progresses I will post updates and ask for feedback.

Another school year started at Collins Hill. I have all my classes back from last semester engaging in part two of United States History. Currently we are studying American imperialism and the progressive era. Hopefully with some luck I will have these students ready to take the End of Course Tests in May. On top of my teaching duties the wrestling team I coach is coming to the climax of their season. The Eagles Wrestling team just took third in the State Duals competition. Not a bad finish but not our usual performance. We have a month left to get mentally prepared for the traditional tournament. I have a feeling we will provide tough competition.

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  1. […] As previously mentioned, one of the independent studies I am taking this spring involves creating a class. All of this came about as a need to acquire more credit hours for the semester. Many are not aware that if a professor heads an independent study for a student, then that professor is working for free. My professors graciously took on the task in their own way. My Appalachian History professor, Dr. Barry Whittemore, decided that the independent study should produce something that both he and I would make use of in the future. He suggested that I create a class having to do with Appalachia and film. Upon completion of this class, Dr. Whittemore, and hopefully one day I, will be able to teach the class to the next generation of students. This is the process I began this month. […]

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