Presenting at the Georgia Sociological Association

Update: It looks like I will be giving my presentation October 27, (Saturday) at 8:00 AM. Guess I better load up on Coffee.


In October I will be presenting as a part of a panel at the Georgia Sociological Association conference at North Georgia College and State University.  To be truthful I am a bit nervous about giving the presentation. It is not due to any fear of public speaking but more to the fact that I am not a Sociologist. However, one of my professors recommended that I examine the intersections of society and historical reality fitting within the context of sociology. Humbled by the recommendation I am looking forward to the conference. Here is the panel abstract:

 Two historians and two artists will examine the Intersections of Appalachia, Sociology, and their respective fields as they each examine different arts forms/media.  Whittemore will look at Appalachia as the setting of the Hunger Games, a trilogy of novels wildly popular with contemporary students, Baker at the portrayal and reality of violence in movies set in Appalachia, Wilson will describe work on a regional mural, and Cochran on African-American artists in Appalachia.

I cannot help but feel a little excited about my topic. I will be focusing on the cinematic depiction of violence in Appalachia in contrast to the historical reality. I have narrowed down my movie selections to: the 1987 John Sayles drama Matewan; The History Channel’s recent production Hatfields and McCoys; and the new indy. film Lawless. I understand many at the conference, after seeing my topic, expect to see an analysis of  Deliverance. I am pretty happy to disappoint in that regard. I will be posting updates from time to time to let you see how this conference presentation is progressing. For your viewing pleasure, check out the movie trailers below.

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