Attention All!! Would you Like to Help Me Design A Class?

Well, it’s that time of year again….pre-planning. Although I’d probably rather watch a day of Lifetime television or have my appendix removed than sit in  meetings; I do enjoy adjusting my lessons to include modern content I have come across over the past year. Things such as videos, articles, pictures, etc. etc. etc. you get the picture. This year however, I have picked up a few more classes. I will be teaching Law and Contemporary Issues. I’ve pretty much got law under wraps. I’ve got a textbook and more than enough prior teacher notes to carry me through. What I need some help with is Contemporary Issues. There really is no set framework for this class. There is no state test or county final. Basically whatever this class will be and how it will be assessed is entirely on me; well, sort of. 

I am asking you to help me. Mainly I want to see what you come up with, or what modern issues today you’d like to see discussed in a classroom.  I’ve got my own opinions and things that are left over from past teachers who have taught this class. Things like nutrition, xenophobia, Gay Marriage, Legalization of Marijuana etc. etc. Let me know in the comments what you think would be a good topic. With your comment/topic, elaborate on how you’d like to see the topic introduced, how you think it should be taught, and even how it should be assessed. If you know of any digital material that would be useful, throw it in the comments as well. To get the ball rolling, I think the upcoming elections are a gimme. We’ll probably watch some debate footage and discuss the election process up to this point.


  1. You could tailor the issues to the election and make the whole course about that. There are enough legal issues with healthcare, same-sex marriage, discriminatory voter id laws, that would make it easy.

    • That is definitely a way to go. Given the unbelievable amount of issues involved with elections (just like my notes from your classes indicates 😀 ), I would have a never ending supply of content. My only issue then would be post election.

  2. Rob – when I get back to class, I will forward you some things. I do an ethics in engineering lesson plan. I have an impact on the workforce by social media where the waitress was fired for her facebook comments about her customers and their tips.

  3. I immediately thought of two different topics that I would have liked to cover in high school, and that are still pretty relevant today. IDK if you’ll like them but here they are. The first is major ideologies. Especially during election season the words socialism, fascism, capitalism, communism, liberitarianism etc. get thrown around without much explanation. The best class I ever took on these topics was structured such that we would be asked to read small excerpts of famous essays about whichever ideologies, then we would hear an oxford style debate about two of the ideologies, and have a discussion. My final exam was to write my own ideology based on certain parameters that all of the ideologies seemed to have like, does it follow a religion, does it work to fix a problem etc. I am sure this would be both informative and not too challenging to high school students, but you would of course be the judge of that. This was one of the books that we had to use for class — and I think if you decided to cover some of these it may be something to loiter at B&N and look at or just go to a library and find:

    The second topic is gender inequality and women’s issues. Now, I know this isn’t your favorite, but I think that in the age of anti-abortion laws and contraception issues the women in your class would likely enjoy a conversation about our culture and their role, priviledge, and signs of oppression. This is an interesting article on the topic: . I think Dogmas and Dreams actually has a chapter on ideologies specifically feminist. These are also interesting links on this topic: ; ; ; ;

    Just something to think about. These two ideas don’t have to be a whole class, but they are, at least in my opinion, relevant and interesting. IDK if this is of any help to you, or if I’m repeating any other ideas, but it is also 2.5 hours before work and I am trying not to fall asleep at my desk…Good luck this semester.

  4. I’m liking some of the ideas. Every issues mentioned so far would fit inside of a class geared towards the elections in November. I think there might be something to that. Keep the ideas coming.

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