The War of 1812: A Forgotten War

I started a class recently on the War of 1812. The professor posed the question on opening night, “Why is the War of 1812 a forgotten war?” It was such an interesting question with numerous possibilities. The war ended in a stale mate with neither the British or the United States winning. The largest significant victory the U.S. had came after the peace treaty. British troops burned down the White House. These are just a couple of things we hit on as to why this war is so often overlooked. I am very excited about learning, over the next month and a half, the significant impact the War of 1812 had on America. I plan on updating the blog from time to time about some of the interpretations I have dealing with the war, the administration, and American society at that time period. Until then, check out the below content to get into the War of 1812 mindset. I am including some open ended questions to think about with each one. Enjoy.

A College Humor Classic. What is 1812 even about?

How does the United States and it’s citizens remember the war?

How does Canada and its citizens remember the war?

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